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New Business Innovation

New Business Innovation

Transforming bold ideas into thriving businesses

The Bain Innovation Exchange (BIE) is a global team of change-makers and thought-leaders with deep experience in the start-up and venture-capital worlds. Our mission is to help the world's leading corporations chart the most efficient routes to breakthrough innovation.

Our expertise in venture, extensive knowledge of cutting-edge disruption, and direct experience as founders—augmented by Bain's unmatched track record in generating the critical insights that drive business forward—gives us a unique ability to deliver high-impact results.

Operating in major innovation hubs around the world, we work with a global ecosystem of leading venture capital firms, technology experts and start-ups to identify the most pressing needs and promising opportunities, identify the partners best equipped to turbocharge results, and help you capture new growth opportunities.


How We Can Help

Innovation Kickstarter

Define and launch an innovation organization. We help you map your strategy and develop an effective operating model that aligns senior leaders and other key stakeholders and connects your organization with relevant players in the global start-up ecosystem.

We start by diagnosing your current innovation activities and organizational readiness, and define your innovation ambition and initial portfolio of approaches. We also:

- Help you prioritize, analyze potential disruptors, and mobilize

- Support you with a diverse team of experienced corporate innovators, VCs, founders, product managers, ecosystem experts, and a global network of start-ups

- Provide deep expertise in strategy, transformation, and due diligence to help you assess potential acquisitions that can accelerate innovation

Ecosystem Services

We help you understand where disruption is happening today and where it will happen tomorrow. We do this through:

- Ecosystem Scans that reveal trends, tech disruptions and key players, to help you gain clear insights on the start-ups serving specific needs

- Virtual and physical immersions that deliver a vivid, shared understanding of relevant disruptions and areas of opportunity

- Retainer services that maximize reach across the innovation ecosystem, help to develop the muscle to continuously stay at the forefront of disruption trends, and build a pipeline for partnership opportunities and priorities

- Cultivated industry networks that move innovation forward—faster, better, and more economically thanks to the collective critical mass we're able to harness


Venture Capital As a Service (VCaaS)

Our unique Venture Capital as a Service capability enables us to act as your VC arm, amplifying the reach, leverage and success of your program. You remain in full control of fund strategy and investment decisions, but your decisions benefit from our industry-leading due diligence, sector expertise and vast network of key players, who provide unmatched insights on everything from industry dynamics to emerging tech trends and capabilities. In short, we make corporate VC a little less corporate, thanks to:

- Control and customization, keeping you in command of fund strategy

- Unmatched access to deep sector expertise, arming you with the most relevant insights and diligence

- A cost-effective approach based on a flat montlhy rate and no long-term commitments



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Accelerate your innovation and transformation with a fully integrated suite of capabilities that puts digital at the heart of everything you do.

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